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Plastic/Nylon Cabinet Handle/Dish Handle/Furniture Door Handle

  • Model NO.: A-01~23/D01/E01/F01/F02/F03/F04
  • Type: Single Type
  • Style: Country Style
  • Installation Type: Embedded Installation
  • Color: Black
  • Customized: Non-Customized
  • Transport Package: Plastic Bag, Paper Box, Carton
  • Origin: Cn
  • Material: Plastic/Nylon
  • Shape: Dish
  • Lock: Without Lock
  • Surface Treatment: No
  • Usage: Door, Furniture, Cabinet
  • Trademark: NO
  • Specification: A style
Plastic/Nylon Cabinet Handle/Dish Handle/Furniture Door Handle
Style A Embedded Handle

Material: ABS/Nylon
Grade: Flame Retardant UL94-V
Model External Size(mm) Internal Size(mm) Thickness(mm)
A-01 (1) 93mm*35mm 87mm*30.5mm 1.2mm~1.7mm
A-01 (2) 93mm*35mm 87mm*29.5mm 0.6mm~1.2mm
A-01 (3) 93mm*35mm 87mm*31mm 1.8mm~2.0mm
A-02 91.5mm*40mm 84mm*33mm 0.5mm~1.2mm
A-03 110mm*40mm 103mm*34.2mm 0.5mm~1.2mm
A-04(1) 111mm*40mm 103mm*35mm 1.2mm~1.5mm
A-04(2) 111mm*40mm 103mm*35mm 1.6mm~2.0mm
A-04(3) 111mm*40mm 103mm*35mm 0.6mm~1.2mm
A-04(4) 111mm*40mm 103mm*35mm 0.5mm~0.8mm
A-05 125mm*44mm 120mm*26.5mm 1.2mm~1.5mm
A-06(1) 136mmm*35mm 131mm*30.8mm 0.6mm~1.2mm
A-06(2) 136mmm*35mm 131mm*31.2mm 1.2mm~1.7mm
A-06(3) 136mmm*35mm 131mm*30.2mm 1.7mm~2.1mm
A-06(4) 136mmm*35mm 131mm*30.7mm 2.1mm~2.5mm
A-06(5) 136mmm*35mm 131mm*30.9mm 2.5mm~3.0mm
A-07 178mm*35mm 171.5mm*31mm 0.5mm~2.5mm
A-08 108mm*58mm*48mm 93mm*40.5mm/44.5mm 12mm,16mm
A-09 148.5mm*85mm 106mm*50mm Fixed by screw
A-10 111.6mm*39mm 72.5mm*33mm With/without lock hole
A-11(1) 104mm*45mm 95.6mm*39.7mm 0.5mm~0.8mm
A-11(2) 104mm*45mm 95.6mm*39.7mm 1.3mm~1.7mm
A-11(3) 104mm*45mm 95.6mm*39.7mm 1.8mm~2.2mm
A-11(4) 104mm*45mm 95.6mm*39.7mm 2.6mm~3.1mm
A-11(5) 104mm*45mm 95.6mm*39.7mm 3.6mm~4.1mm
A-11(6) 104mm*45mm 95.6mm*39.7mm 4.6mm~5.0mm
A-12 108mm*47mm 95.2mm*40mm 1.3mm~1.6mm
A-13 104.5mm*45.5mm 96mm*40mm 5mm
A-14 98mm*38mm*20mm 90mm*30mm 0.7mm~1.2mm
A-15 110mm*40mm*22mm 97.5mm*37.5mm 0.7mm~1.2mm
A-16(1) 120mm*40mm 107.5mm*37mm 0.5mm~1.0mm
A-16(2) 120mm*40mm 107.5mm*37mm 1.1mm~1.5mm
A-16(3) 120mm*40mm 107.5mm*37mm 1.6mm~2.0mm
A-17 45mm*28mm 39.5mm*25.5mm 0.6mm~1.5mm
A-18 94mm*42mm 85mm*35mm 0.5mm~2.5mm
A-19 110mm*58mm 100mm*50mm 0.7mm~3.0mm
A-20 118mm*42mm 104mm*37mm 0.5mm~1.0mm
A-21 110mm*40mm 105mm*27mm 0.75mm
105mm*28.5mm 1.0mm
105mm*30mm 1.2mm
A-22 112mm*40mm   1.0mm
A-23 110mm*37mm*16mm 98mm*34mm 0.6mm~1.0mm
  Plastic/Nylon Cabinet Handle/Dish Handle/Furniture Door Handle
Plastic/Nylon Cabinet Handle/Dish Handle/Furniture Door Handle Plastic/Nylon Cabinet Handle/Dish Handle/Furniture Door Handle
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